Study Organic Chemistry

Resources for success in organic chemistry
Many students believe that the study of organic chemistry requires rote memorization.  This is supported through the encyclopedic nature of introductory organic chemistry textbooks and their associated solutions manuals.  However, help is available through an understanding of reactions and their underlying mechanisms.  A reaction mechanism can be described using arrow pushing - the use of curved or curly arrows to show the movement of electrons through the various functional groups. Through this technique, applicable to any book or course, memorization can be minimized and the subject demystified.  Of the many available online resources, this site focuses on making organic chemistry more approachable.

Some textbook recommendations for introductory organic chemistry courses are:
Organic Chemistry (7th Edition) - L. G. Wade
Study Guide and Solutions Manual for Organic Chemistry - P. Y. Bruice
Introduction to Organic Chemistry - W. H. Brown and T. Poon
Organic Chemistry - F. A. Carey
Student Solutions Manual to Accompany Organic Chemistry, Seventh Edition - F. A. Carey
Organic Chemistry - K. P. C. Vollhardt and N. E. Schore
Organic Chemistry  - J. McMurry
Study Guide / Solutions Manual for Organic Chemistry - J. Smith

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