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DEL BioPharma LLC provides innovative strategies to biopharmaceutical organizations of all sizes from established and fully integrated companies to start-ups looking for proof of concept.  

Founder Daniel E. Levy received his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from MIT and his B.S. degree from the University of California - Berkeley.  Since 1992, Dr. Levy worked with companies in all capacities from Consultant to Vice President.  His broad experience in pharmaceutical research and development provides him a unique perspective enabling him to address issues at the interface of chemistry and biology long before they impede progress.

Dr. Levy has strategies for addressing the most challenging problems independent of therapeutic area or biological target.  With a strong focus on PK/ADME, pre-formulation, toxicity and scale-up issues, new paradigms for discovery research are applied.  Through early parallel screening and incorporation of CRO activities, the pathway to success is accelerated.

Innovative Strategies from Lead Discovery through Clinical Development Specializing in Small Molecule Therapeutics

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